Biden’s Going To Pay For New Nuclear Power!

Oops. Never mind. It’s nuclear power for Romania, not us.

The White House announced plans on Sunday to raise $200 billion for solar projects in Angola, an undersea telecommunications cable linking the Far East with France via Egypt, and nuclear power production in Romania as part of a huge G7 infrastructure plan designed to compete with China’s massive Belt and Road initiative.

It might’ve been nice to have a few new nukes here, to rake up some of the load as those loons kill petroleum.

And given its illegal immigration problems, I can understand why France needs more telecom lines to Africa, so everyone can phone home. But I’m less clear on why America should be paying for it.

…to compete with China’s massive Belt and Road initiative.

And we’ll be paying for with money borrowed from China, to help someone else compete with the other country we’re subsidizing with interest payments. And since China is the major world supplier of solar PVC panels, we’ll be pating China for the solar farms to compete with China.

In all, G7 nations will commit $600 billion to the effort…

One-seventh of $600 would be $85.7. So why is America paying nearly two and half times that much…

…for projects that don’t benefit Americans?

I guess it’s all in the graft, and kickbacks from the American companies that will get a lot of those contracts.


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