Good News; The Left Is No Longer Blaming The Civil War On Slavery

It’s CNN’s Jake Tapper, so you can be pretty sure it’s the official party line now.

“The success of what is called the ‘American experiment’ has been of interest to our friends here in Europe and around the world ever since the term was coined in the New York Tribune in 1860, just before another attempt to destroy the Republic because one group of Americans did not like the results of an election”

“one group of Americans did not like the results of an election”

Nothing to do with slavery, or tariffs meant to benefit the industrial North at the expense of the agricultural South, nit even states’ rights.

They were really trying to overturn the election.

There’s probably more stupidity in that report, but that’s as far as I read. I can only take so much CNN at once, even secondhand.


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