Damn it

I ordered a replacement oven baking element. UPS said it was out for delivery this morning.

A few minutes ago, I got a new notification: Item is undeliverable.

I think UPS broke it. Damn it, those things are relatively fragile.

I’ll have to try again, once I get the refund.


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3 thoughts on “Damn it”

  1. UPS has been seriously manhandling some packages in transit – including my Sherline mill, which fortunately was packed to withstand the gorilla treatment.
    The local drivers here are good, but there seem to be serious problems elsewhere.
    It doesn’t help that a lot of shippers of large delicate items don’t pack for rough handling, and never heard of shockwatches, so unless the package is so badly damaged that a parcel-company employee notices it, you don’t find the problem until you open it.
    (Back in 2019, when my wife was out here getting the house ready to move in, she ordered a ceramic fireplace liner, which arrived broken, with no sign of trouble visible from the outside of the package. Last spring, shipments of canned food were often arriving with some of the cans damaged to the point of breaking open; shippers have gotten better about packing cans since then.)

  2. UPS is a horse s**t outfit, worse than the USPS. Often they are too lazy to deliver my medications to my home address, preferring instead to send it to a local drop off point. This is insane. Use FedEx or DHL.

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