He IS A DIMocrat, After All

-sigh- Idiot.

Democrat Asks Ruger Not to Sell Certain Type of Ammo; Ruger CEO Responds, ‘We Do Not Sell Ammunition’
Krishnamoorthi addressed Killoy, saying, “[I] assume you won’t sell a weapon that tears through bulletproof vests, will you?”

Killoy responded, “Congressman, with all due respect, the ability to pierce body armor typically relates to the ammunition, not the firearm.”

Krishnamoorthi shot back, “So you will not sell that ammunition either, will you?”

Killoy explained, “Congressman, we do not sell ammunition. We sell firearms in a variety of calibers.”

And, you moronic dweeb, under 18 U.S. Code § 922(a) (7) and (8), it has long been unlawful to manufacture or sell armor-piercing ammunition to anyone but the government, or for overseas export.


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