“Assault Weapon” Ban Debate

And the voting has started.

I’ve been listening to some of the debate. The stupidity is amazing, but expected.

Republican speaking: Explains difference between semi-auto and full-auto. Dimocrats don’t even understand what’s in the bill. Stabilizing braces are not bump-stocks. They help disabled people shoot.

Democrat up next: People are trying to claim they need their bump-stocks for disability access. And none of us are calling ARs “weapons of war.”

Yields 2 minutes to another Dim: “These weapons of war…” And they’re machine gun. And this bill gets all those evil weapons of ware off the street at last.

Even when just told the difference between a bump-stock and abrace, and the idiot still confuses them. The other guy still thinks these are machineguns.

The only good not as bad as it could be part of this bill is that it DOES NOT get rid of existing ARs; existing firearms are grandfathered.


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2 thoughts on ““Assault Weapon” Ban Debate”

  1. I would much rather they “Go Full-Retard” and Ban Everything, demand that they be ‘Turned In”. That will Trigger (pun intended) the Purge of commies that we Need.

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