Do it.

After watching the debate and vote on the “assault weapon” ban (HR 1808/1302), I’d bet half the nation would cheer.

China Threatens to Shoot Down Pelosi’s Plane if She Makes a Stop in Taiwan
A Chinese Communist Party propagandist on Friday said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane may be shot down if she makes a stop in Taiwan.

Pelosi on Friday departed for Asia, however a stop in Taiwan is still uncertain due to China’s threats.


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2 thoughts on “Do it.”

    A Chinamart Site that has a number of Articles about this, and others about Taiwan in general. Good Reading to try and understand the chinks’ viewpoint. (ethno-political slur intentional)
    I think that they are definitely trying to Signal that the planed visit by congresscritters is “Unacceptable”, but when you consider the traditional Ambiguity/Evasiveness of the Asian Political Rhetoric, I say “I”ll Believe it when I See it.”

    Can we Crowdfund Jet Fuel and Ammo for the PLA Air Force?

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