I Was Waiting For This

Really. It’s exactly what I expected. Biden’s COVID-positive again.

Biden, 79, tests positive for COVID AGAIN and goes back into White House isolation after ‘rebound’ case common in elderly patients who take ‘Paxlovid’
President Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID-19, sending him back into isolation just three days after he was cleared to resume his duties.

In a memo, Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, said the president is experiencing no new symptoms and ‘continues to feel quite well.’

The only surprising thing was the claim that he tested negative just a week after his positive. Even when you beat all the symptoms, your immune system is still purging teh last of the virus. Pseudo-vaccinated people have been shedding infectious levels of virus for weeks.

And all this time Gropin’ Joe has allegedly been running around mixing with folk. Heh.

Add in the known “Paxlovid rebound,” and this was a given. And frankly, from the reports I’ve seen, this second bout is liable to be worse than his first go-around.


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