I Want To See The Warrant And Affidavit

RE: The Mar-A-Lago raid last night.

To the best of my knowledge (and few reports this morning claim the same), no other former President in American history has had his home raided and searched, allegedly for documents from his official tenure as President.

It’s kind of a big deal. So I was a bit surprised at how few reports even mentioned a warrant for the search. That’s shifting this morning, as some outlets seem to remember that there is supposed to be one.

But no one seems to have seen one. Not surprising; I’d expect it to be sealed, if only to cover the asses of the judge and warrant requester(s).

I have never been a Trump fan.* His only redeeming qualities are that he’s entertaining and that he drives Dimocrats nuts.

But being an anti-Second Amendment asshole isn’t grounds for a completely unprecedented armed raid on a former President’s home. In an investigation in which has been cooperating already.

I’m not a Republican. I don’t like Trump. But even I can’t convince myself that this is anything but a political attack.

I’ve seen multiple comparison to J. Edgar Hoover’s political FBI. I think that’s a bit unfair.

Hoover would be green with envy.

Show me the warrant, prove me wrong.

* For example…
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More and more and more.


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One thought on “I Want To See The Warrant And Affidavit”

  1. Trump’s redeeming qualities had our enemies put back in their boxes, GDP at historic highs and unemployment at historic lows and gas prices where they should be.

    This what we get when we hire an international business man and patriot over demagogic morons.

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