Volunteers, huh?

Looks like DC is going to remain an occupied zone.

National Guard Plans to Ask Thousands of Troops to Remain in DC Until Mid-March
While the inauguration took place peacefully, the Guard is still supporting requests from the U.S. Secret Service and federal law enforcement. Guard officials said Thursday that approximately 7,000 troops would likely remain in D.C. through the end of January.

As of Friday, the plan is to have up to 7,000 troops remain in D.C. through March 12, but those details are still in the planning stages, a National Guard official told Military.com.

Any Guard members who stay past the original 31-day mobilization order will be on a volunteer basis, and their orders will be modified for the new time frame, Nahaku McFadden, a spokesman for the Guard Bureau, told Military.com.

Given the treatment they’ve gotten — and the of support from chain-of-command — it’ll be interesting to see how many “volunteers” they get.

If any readers are in this deployment, or if you’re in contact with any of them, let me know if it’s “volunteer, or get volunteered. I’d also be interested in hearing first hand reports regarding food, housing, et cetera.

“Et cetera” would include any rumors about why TPTB think they need a mil occupation force.

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5 thoughts on “Volunteers, huh?”

  1. Not unpossible that they’ll get some volunteers from the otherwise unemployed. I have always heard that there are areas where that NG money was a major supplement to annual income.
    And being activated for three continuous months gets them some pretty good points towards retirement.
    Plus, the NG has always been a way for the politically-motivated to score points, like the current governor of Minnesota, who retired as a battalion command sergeant major rather than deploy to The Sandbox. I’m sure HE would have volunteered for this one!
    Sure, the visuals suck. But somehow the echo chamber damps those out.

    1. And I’m sure there are plenty who need that NG paycheck, what with lockdowns killing their real jobs. But 7,000 worth? I’m dubious, especially with at least three states pulling their guys out of DC.

      Be interesting to see how they get used. Providing an intimidating appearance around the Capitol is one thing; but if they have to patrol the rest of the city, they should demand combat pay.

  2. As to the “why” of the occupation force, I ran across an eye-rollingly plausible idea just within the last day or so:

    Maybe it’s to protect* the coming show-trial of the post-facto impeachment trial.

    And FFS, this is pretty much straight out of chapter 2 of The GULAG Archipelago, isn’t it? (I’m not sure which I find more terrifying: that we’re actually witnessing what he described as the “sewage disposal system” gearing up for mass production right here at home, or that so few people seem even to have heard of Solzhenitsyn at all, much less to really grok his warnings.)

    * And of course the NG is probably entirely for show anyway: the pictures of magazine-less carbines and the stories of disrespectful management would seem to tell a pretty clear story of the willingness of TPTB to use pawns for show, without any intention of actually trusting them.

    1. “Protecting” the trial is apparently the official line:

      “Two National Guard sources told Breitbart News that the National Guard presence is being kept in D.C. due to Democrats’ Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump”

      But I’m watching for suddenly fast-tracked legislation, not to mention EOs.

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