TZP Column: We Have A New Winner!

Monkeywrenching gun “buybacks.”

A few years ago, some joker was making slam-fire shotguns to turn in at gun “buybacks.” He used the proceeds to pay for shooting classes for newbies. Obviously, I liked that. I think they finally banned him from their buybacks.

July this year, a genius printed up a batch of 62 plastic “ghost guns,” for as much as $150 a pop; although reports varied on exactly how much he cleared, it sounds like he netted at least a couple of grand.

That was impressive; but, folks, we have a new winner.
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One thought on “TZP Column: We Have A New Winner!”

  1. Since the people handing out the $$$ aren’t handing out THEIR $$$ they have ZERO incentive to end these ludicrous schemes.

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