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PayPal is long gone. I’ve — I hope — added a Gab Pay option to my Tip Jar page.

They seem to expect folks to integrate Gab Pay into automated purchases systems with an API. I hope this simple link, or QR code for smartphone users, works. Generous folks with any money left over after inflation could test that.

Regular readers may have noticed that my posting here and at The Zelman Partisans has been sparse lately. A while back I was doing some yard work and it could have gone better.

Nothing like last year’s little adventure in hip replacement, but uncomfortable. For the first time in decades, I stupidly got into some poison ivy. OK, apparently a lot of poison ivy. That would have been bad enough, but I also pulled an arm muscle rather badly, and that’s been my main issue with writing… heck, just with doing much web browsing. Manipulating a keyboard was unreasonably painful. Mostly I just wanted to lie down in a position that let my arm muscles completely relax. And sleep.

That’s passing, so I should be posting more now.


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  1. I get poison ivy so easily I can catch it off the wind when a neighbor is burning it. Obviously I spray the heck out of it and it’s been an ongoing war for the last 30 years. However, when I first moved here someone gave me some of these pills a lineman for the electric company told her about. They are fabulous. I keep them on hand and use as directed. They are the bees knees.

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