What’s The Russian Word For “Arkancide”?

Col. Vadim Boyko was found dead in his office at Makarov Pacific Higher Naval School on Wednesday, local news reported.

Early media coverage, including a Telegram post by the Far Eastern Gazette, described the incident as a suicide. “[Boyko] came to work and put a bullet in his temple,” the initial post read.

A similar post from BAZA — an outlet with ties to law enforcement — questioned the suicide scenario, noting that witnesses heard five shots coming from Boyko’s office.

“The duty officer, who heard the shooting, ran to the place and saw Boyko’s body — the colonel was dead,” BAZA recounted. “The man did not leave a suicide note. At the place of his death, criminalists found five cartridge cases and four Makarov pistols.

“Local media report that it was suicide, but then it turns out that the colonel shot himself in the chest five times.”

My first thought when I heard about this one was, “Did he piss off his superiors, or his subordinates?”

But then U saw he was an “enlistment officer” overseeing the war draft; so I figure it was probably irate recent draftees. I’ve heard about multiple attacks of drafter centers. And one case of draftees shooting… I think it was 15 people, at a military range.

I figure they’re calling this “suicide” in a desperaate attempt to downplay just how unpopular that draft is.


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