Another Criminal Master Mind

I’ve heard of idiot bank robbers writing their notes on some stupid stuff: envelops with their name/address, their own deposit slip for the very same bank, or other item that pretty clearly identifies them. But this is a new one.

Your Evening Break: Stupid Criminal Tricks
You see, in a world where Loyd could have written his demand on a Post-It note, a deposit slip, an old envelope, a McDonald’s receipt, a piece of printer paper, or a scrap off the ground, he chose his birth certificate.

On the other hand, he was smart enough to take the birth certificate/note with him, instead of leaving it behind with the teller. Right up until…

So he chucked that, along with another form of ID and the stolen cash when he realized the long arm of the law had arrived on the scene. I guess he had those because the teller always asks for two forms of ID when you are robbing a bank.

Toss it before the cops show up, genius.

For those who noticed I’ve got two posts in rapid succession, yes; my arm is feeling better. It still hurts, but not so much that I caan only manage a post every few days.


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