This whiner oughta visit my town.

Minnesota couple says anonymous note from ‘Grinch’ stole their holiday spirit
However, someone tried to dim his light last week. In a red envelope resembling a holiday card, someone mailed an anonymous letter, writing “your yard decorations (if you call it that) are very much an eyesore for the neighborhood.”

I don’t make a point of going out to look at Christmas displays, but lately I’ve had some nighttime errands to run.

Up the street is Camo Santa: a giant, inflatable Santa dressed in camouflage. I happen to know that resident is a serious hunter, so that makes sense.

Across the street from that, my sister spotted Trailer Park Santa. Two, actually. One Santa in a travel trailer, and one parked next to it in an RV.

My sister thought that was pretty good. But then I found…

Santa Claus. In a speedboat. Being pulled by giant fish. Green, glowing fish.


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