$15.00 Per Hour

The Dims want to raise the federal minimum wage to $15.00/hour. Small businesses correctly say that will force them to lay off workers. Smarter workers realize that their current… say, $10.00/hr is more than zero when laid off.

Why is the Dims every response to “underpaid” workers to screw the businesses?

Rhetorical question, of course. Business bad; must be punished. Cannot look at our own failings, cannot risk losing our power.

That’s exactly why my proposal will never fly. But here goes. You should probably swallow your coffee and set the mug down, away from your computer.

All righty; $15.00 does look like a reasonable level, given the Dims’ assertion that less than that is not a “living wage.” So why are those heartless monsters taxing away the money they say workers are barely scraping by on?

No wage or salary below:

  • $15.01/hr
  • $600.04/wk
  • $2,601.73/mo
  • $31,220.80/yr

…can be subject to any income tax. Not at the federal, state or local level. No withholding of taxes, just to cruelly make these poor people file returns to finally get their money back.

To clarify, if someone makes $16 an hour, only one dollar of that is taxable, and withholding may only be done on the taxable dollar(s).

And suddenly everyone has an effective pay raise without costing small business anything but updated payroll software. The Dims can brag that they actuall helped everyone, just for once.

Other naysayers will exclaim that regulating state and local governments like that is unconstitutional. No more than than regulating small businesses. As if the Constitution even meant anything anymore.

Sure, the only way to “pay” for such a tax cut would be to cut vote-buying pork (and Chinese loans); so this will never happen. But I can day dream.

And in a really blue sky world, once we saw how well this worked, we could take it a step further.

Resolved; the total tax burden for a citizen shall be no more than 20% of their gross pay. Tax burden shall include, but is not limited to,

  • federal, state, and local income tax
  • Social Security withholding
  • Property tax
  • Federal Universal Service Charge
  • Environmental Compliance Cost
  • Nuclear Construction Cost Recovery
  • Municipal Franchise Fees beyond basic business licensing
  • Rural Electric Development Fund
  • sales tax
  • any other service charge imposed by government to fund programs

Right now the cost of a product made in America includes

  • income tax on workers providing raw materials
  • income tax on workers turning raw materials into parts
  • income tax on those assembling parts into products
  • income tax on those transporting materials, parts and products
  • income tax on clerks stocking shelves with the products
  • income tax on checkout clerks
  • income tax on janitors cleaning the stores
  • income tax on company and store management, and admin clerks and jerks

Boom. Everyone has more to spend on less expensive products.

Never happen. Because the Dims will never ever makes the sacrifices they demand of everyone else.

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