“Pfizer data shows significant lymphocyte depletion in the first week after vaccination.”

That would have been nice to know.

If you aren’t up on basic biology, lymphocytes are “a type of white blood cell in the immune system of jawed vertebrates. Lymphocytes include natural killer cells (which function in cell-mediated, cytotoxic innate immunity), T cells (for cell-mediated, cytotoxic adaptive immunity), and B cells (for humoral, antibody-driven adaptive immunity). They are the main type of cell found in lymph, which prompted the name “lymphocyte”.

In short, the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” (which isn’t actually a vaccine, but causes your body to produce one), depletes the very cells that attack viruses. Like, you know… SARS-CoV-2. No wonder so many people are catching ChinCOVID and dying after getting “vaccinated”.

Lessee… We have the immediate allergic reactions — up to and including full-blown anaphylactic shock, depleted platelets leading to deaths, the possibility of later anaphylactic shock if your body over-produce the IgG spike protein, and now we learn that it wipes out the immune systems lymphocytes.

You’re getting jabbed why?

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