I think it’s time to stop admitting to having been in the Air Farce.

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s How Many Pride Events The Air Force Held In 2022, According To A Just-Launched DEI Newsletter
The Air Force hosted 67 Pride celebrations in 2022, according to the first Air Force Office of Diversity and Inclusion quarterly newsletter obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Yadda yadda. “Social Actions” was a bad enough “barrier” to accomplishing the actual mission back when I was in may have been associated with USAF.

But then I got down to this part:

The LIT is one of seven “Air Force Barrier Analysis Working Groups” chartered to identify “root causes” and determine whether or not these “root causes” detract from DEI in the force…

Seven! And that’s still not the worst part.

Each all-volunteer team reviews demographic data collected from Air Force and federal-level sources to devise ways to increase ethnic, disability and “gender diversity” in the Air Force…

They’re trying to increase the number of disabled service members. That’s is, people who can’t meet fitness requirements, or be deployed, or even take certain permanent duty assignments. Dumping the load on everyone else.

I’m so old, I remember when USAF discharged people for that. Now they’re actively recruiting more.


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3 thoughts on “I think it’s time to stop admitting to having been in the Air Farce.”

  1. I took down my framed military college degree, Army Commission, and training certificates/diplomas from the Infantry School an others and ran them all through a shredder. The military insignia and old uniforms were tossed out. When asked if I am a veteran, I say “no”. Any correspondence from the military college gets tossed without a response. My earlier service is part of me and can be called upon from memory when needed, but I no longer advertise any past association with what I now consider to be the enemy.

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