Dims Do Not Live In The Same Universe

…as the rest of us.

McCaskill: ‘Trump Was Afraid to Go to Afghanistan’ – Biden Showed ‘Courage’ Going to Ukraine

Trump went to Afghanistan.

When that Air Force One flew over the border into Ukraine, everybody knows it was just that airplane from the United States in that airspace. And that took courage. That courage is a very important component of a re-elect for Joe Biden because strength matters.”

A few little problems with that narrative.

  • Biden didn’t go in Air Force 1. He used a C-32.
  • Biden didn’t fly into Ukraine. He landed in Poland.
  • And since he took a civilian train into Ukraine, no one saw “that airplane from the United States in that airspace.”

If this is the best the Dims can do to support the “re-elect” of Biden, it certainly explains why they’re dead set on keeping the the 2020 and 2022 election mechanisms in place. That’s all that got the senile bastard elected in the first place.

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