A Letter to the Future

Print this out; hard copy. When future generations ask, “How the hell did that happen?” you’ll want to hand this to them. I’m not betting that they’ll still have working computers. Or electricity. I’m just hoping they can still read.

Dear Future Generations,

How did this happen? How did America go insane, and destroy itself? How did…

  • Renaming “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries” become the same as “I don’t like what you said, so I’m going to dox you so someone can find and physically attack you, destroy your business, cancel your social media presence, close your bank accounts, and hound the would-be survivors to death” cancel culture?
  • “Silence is violence” but “violence is speech” become a respected take?
  • Looting is reparations?
  • 2 + 2 = 4 is racist?
  • Equality in opportunity is equity in outcome?
  • Politicians actively agree to actively violate state election laws to aid the opposing party?
  • A human with XY chromosomes is female, not male?
  • And we’ll pass laws forcing everyone to believe that (or at least actively fake it)?
  • Decades old children’s books stocked with fanciful imaginary creatures become racist, and must be censored and banned?
  • The death penalty for murder is bad because it doesn’t respect life, but post-birth abortion is fine?
  • No one will own anything, and we’ll like it?
  • Judeo-Christian values in school is evil, but Islamic values in school is inclusive?
  • White people can declare themselves to be black or Indian, and we’re supposed to believe it?
  • Inflating the monetary supply by trillions won’t cause inflation; a bartender with an economics degree says so?
  • This pistol is a rifle, but this identical pistol is a pistol?
  • This short-barrel shotgun is a short-barrel shotgun, but this identical shotgun is not?
  • This semi-automatic pistol is a machine gun, but this identical pistol is not?
  • This plastic stock is actually a machine gun?
  • Requiring state-issued ID to buy a gun or to get Medicare/Medicaid, or prescription medicines, or even beer or cigarettes is good, but requiring that same ID to vote is bad, racist?

Future generations, I did not make up any of that. It was (is, as I type) real. How, you ask. It started generations ago. In America; the roots go back to the 19th century and more. But I’ll give you the short form. Maybe you’ll find books that survived the burning that has started, that will explain more details.

People wanted power over others. America had a Constitution that limited their ability to simply seize it, so they tried something else.

They adopted a political system called Marxism. Marxism assumes capitalism is bad (side note: at this time, America isn’t really capitalist; it is mercantilist, where companies use the power of government to enrich themselves by restricting markets and competition. In real free market capitalism, the playing field is level, and success or failure is determined by market forces, not government meddling. And it’s possible for all the competitors to succeed.) Marxism says that we need a transition system called socialism.

Socialism is a state of enhanced mercantilism where government completely controls production and the market. But the production, the companies, and still businesses so those operating them can still make money for themselves.

But it’s a transition state. The goal is to “progress” to total ownership of the “means of production” by “the people.” That final phase is called communism. Theoretically, “the people” do this through some sort of total absolute democracy. In reality, every single time this has been tried since 1917, it has only resulted in a privileged ruling class lording it over an otherwise poverty-stricken downtrodden class who exist only to serve their masters. Keep that last point in mind.

But in the beginnings of the socialist stage, the theory appeals to two sorts of people.

1. Those who expect to be the ruling class, the nomenklatura. They cynically pretend to believe in pie-in-the-sky for everyone.

2. Poor folks who, for whatever reason, aren’t as wealthy and powerful as they think they should be. They stupidly, or cynically, believe the promises of wealth redistribution of the nomenklatura-wannbes.

The nomenklatura types infiltrated colleges and universities. As moles, they got their degrees — especial in education — and went to work. Some became professors at the universities and colleges, and recruited more socialist-leaning people.

Others became teachers at the elementary level, “teaching” children. And this is where America died.

These socialist teachers “taught” two things: 1) Socialism good. 2) Rational thought bad.

The first part is the same recruitment/indoctrination the college professors are doing.

The second is a mix of not teaching history, that getting the right answer in math doesn’t matter, and discouraging independent thought and analysis. This makes the victim incapable of analyzing socialism and seeing where it really leads. This indoctrination can be countered by responsible parents; that’s why schools exclude parents. The really gullible will grow up get bigger (they never really grow up, but simply expect endless free lunch and participation trophies) and make excellent socialist cannon fodder. Useful idiots. Expendable. But they can’t see it themselves).

Our would be nomenklatura spent three generations gradually working up into power. They kept their own children out of the public indoctrination schools.

Did I mention that these “public schools” were free, to encourage their use?

That’s how we got here. But, I imagine hearing you ask, why did we let it happen? Give some of us credit for trying, and accept our apologies for our failure. It happened because the nomenklature were also doing a little social engineering on the side.

So-called “feminism” told women that just being a parent and housekeeper was unfair and unfulfilling. They deserved the right to work outside the home and make their own money. Step one.

Step two: Drive inflation. Increase taxes. Make things so expensive that it becomes necessary for working-class people to have two incomes to have a chance to improve their lot. Eventually, many families need two incomes to survive. Good thing a generation of women were taught that working in the home sucked.

Step three: Government-provided child daycare, starting as early as a couple of months of age. The indoctrination begins immediately, and the parents are too busy working to keep track of what their children are being taught. Now the fall of civilization really snowballs.

We had a thing called “home-schooling.” This was parents not putting their children in public schools; they taught their children themselves. The socialist teachers’ unions hated home-schooling and tried banning it, or simply regulating it so heavily that parents would give up. They claimed that only a real, college education-degreed teacher could teach. (Note: my sisters taught me to read when I was five years old, long before I went to school. Today, public high schools graduate 18 and 19 year-olds who still can’t read.)

The result of all this was a generation of people without the logical and educational capacity to design a bridge, airplane, or telephone. I’m already seeing signs in 2021 that many people can longer do enough math or read to follow rote instructions in maintaining or repairing things. That will snowball as well. Things will fall apart, and no one will be able build replacements. And they’ll lack the money to buy them from another country.

Another important point. I hope you noticed the insane gun-related examples in the above list. “Gun control” is very important to the socialist nomenklatura because they know they have not yet brainwashed everyone, that there are still many sane people who object to their nomenklatura/serf agenda. They don’t want those people to shoot them (in self defense). So, since the 1930s, they gradually made it harder and harder to buy and own guns.

Now, in 2021, they are trying to pass laws to ban many guns, and register all those left (so they know who has them and where, to make it easier to confiscate them later). There is even a proposed law to ban the private knowledge of how to build a gun. I expect that to pass.

That’s how we got here. That’s why everything collapsed. I’m sorry. All I can do is leave you with a couple of pieces of advice, future generations.

If you you see a socialist or communist, kill them. By supporting that movement, they’ve already begun initiating force against you. We missed that in the beginning.

If someone advocates for “sensible gun safety laws,” kill them. They are trying to disarm you so they can do bad things to you; that is an initiation of force. A lot of us didn’t miss that, but we were out-voted by the indoctrinated masses.

And voting? Never, ever adopt absolute democracy, where your rights, property, and lives are up for grabs. You’re just baring your throat to the rights-shredding, blodd-letting pack of whatever your current brand of tyranny is.

Again, and finally, I apologize for failing the future.


Carl Bussjaeger

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9 thoughts on “A Letter to the Future”

  1. Sigh. I wish this wasn’t so true.
    I quit my corporate job (making much more than my husband) when the cubs came along. Literally wrote in the resignation letter that I was leaving for a more critical position, in which the compensation would be more in line with my efforts and expertise. [The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.] I teach them math, science, history, English, practical skills and critical thinking, at HOME. My job is to protect them until they can protect themselves–not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. So at their tender ages they consume very little electronic “media” of any sort.

    So I’m oppressed and need rescued by feminism, right? Or no wait, I’m racist and oppressIVE, because I haven’t yanked Dr. Seuss off all their shelves yet. SMH. It’s so hard to keep up nowadays.

  2. Trying to here using Firefox & the following wouldn’t allow me to continue…

    Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead

    Got in with Brave. Just a heads up that it’s starting to become more frequent.

  3. Yo! Same here, mates. Got the link here from my fave “Western Rifle Shooters Association,” and the durn: “WARNING! YOU WILL GO BLIND, BECOME INFERTILE and YOUR DOG WILL DIE!” if you open the link to this letter.

    …so…I knew right then and there it was VITAL and find it searching the web. Much truth here….

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