I Suspect That EPA Admin Failed Basic Chemistry

I’ve seen a few reports about the EPA refusing to test for dioxins in the East Palestine area. Since dioxins are formed when chlorine compounds are burned (you do recall a few tanker cars of vinyl chloride being deliberately torched?) testing for that rather dangerous class of chemicals seemed like a no-brainer. Bafflingly, they think they needed a prior baseline for dioxin levels.

HINT: Take samples at the point of origin; the burn site. Then take samples radiating away from the burn site, probably for 5-10 miles (to start) in all directions. Map the results. Add an overlay for prevailing winds during the burn. That should give even EPA idiots an idea how where the contamination is.

But another aspect of this keeps bugging me.

Scientist Slams EPA for Not Testing for Cancer-Causing Chemical in East Palestine
The EPA administrator reportedly responded to a letter from Senators J.D. Vance (R-OH) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH), appearing to try to downplay dioxins by suggesting they are also produced by “backyard grilling.”

Is that dumbfuck confusing dioxins with acrylamide?


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