NVGs In Broad Daylight Was A Nice Touch

Brief Twitter video of a SWAT raid. You might want to wait until the end of the day to watch, because it’s so funny and infuriating that you’ll want an adult beverage.

So who were these dangerous criminals that called for full tacticool gear in an armored vehicle ramming through the gate? Drug lords? Merchant of death arms dealers? Mass murderer?

Try an estate dispute over memorabilia.

Say… did I mention the part where they didn’t have… you know a warrant? Yeah, they rolled before they got it. The morons — who in the video clearly realize they’ve massively fucked up — kept telling grandma that someone will come later with one (I understand a warrant finally arrived an hour later).

Holy. Fuck.

I wanted to link to the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department for this post. So I looked them up and clicked the link.

I got this.

Yes. It logged me in as the WordPress admin. I know I shouldn’t — and won’t — but a little voice keeps whispering, “Go for it.”

What would you name their site?

I’m thinking We’re Fucking Retards”.

I found a general county info email address and sent them a warning about their little prob.


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