At least they didn’t tear the dam down…

…like they do confederate statues.

Federal officials pause plan to rename Georgia’s Lake Lanier
Federal officials are pausing a plan that could lead to new names for Georgia’s Lake Lanier and Buford Dam after locals objected to changing the monikers of landmarks now named for Confederate soldiers.

Lake Lanier is named for a poet that wrote a poem about the Chattahoochee River that feeds the reservoir. Sidney Lanier’s crime was being a private in the Confederate Army long before he became a noted poet.

Buford Dam is named for the nearby town of Buford. The town is named after the then president of the railroad who built the town, post Civil War. Sadly for the to-be-erased history, Buford had served in the Virginia militia.

If the names are going to be changed, I propose:

“Lake The Corps Of Engineers Are Fucking Idiots”

“The Corps Of Engineers Are Fucking Idiots Dam”


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