“for all debts public and private”

Look at any US currency you have in your wallet.

“This note is legal tender for all debts public and private”

Unless you’re dealing with public debt owed to the federal government.

We’ve Entered An Era When The US Gov’t Won’t Even Take Its Own Money
On May 26, Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state will be the latest park to stop accepting cash at the entry booth.

Instead, visitors will be required to pay with credit or debit cards to enter what is a taxpayer-supported recreation area meant for hiking, biking, climbing, camping, exploring and sightseeing. The park management has, in its wisdom, decided that it’s not worth it to collect actual money, a marked change in the relationship between the people and the agencies that oversee the land owned collectively by the people.

US notes are no longer worth anything. Even the dot-gov admits it.

Gold, silver, barter, useful services. Stock up, and learn useful skills.


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2 thoughts on ““for all debts public and private””

  1. There is no federal law requiring any business to accept cash as a form of payment for goods or services. Some states may have such a law but being a National Park would mean that this park is not subject to such a state law. However they could be sued by an “indigent” person for discrimination against “unbanked people”. Be an interesting lawsuit.

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