Slow Learners

“Insurrection” in Tennessee. Riot at the Capitol.

Chaos Unravels As Anti-Gun Activists Swarm Inside Tennessee Capitol
Video shows a massive group of protesters screaming and trying to break past a group of troopers. One male protester storms through and is immediately taken into custody by authorities before being released as the crowd chants “give him back!”

How many of these peaceful protesters called Trump supporters for doing almost the same thing at the US Capitol? “Almost,” because of January 6, Capitol law enforcement let them in and gave tours.

But the slow leaner part:

Another video shows protesters in the legislative chambers chanting “no action, no peace” and “enough is enough.”

So these idiots want gun control. What better way to convince gun owners to surrender their arm by rioting and threatening more violence.

They failed to notice for the past few years — in the wake of the “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests” beginning with the Ferguson BLM/Antifa riots — that guns sales have been at record and near record levels. Riots make honest Americans, who just want to be safe from attackers, want more defensive tools.

If this is how they act when we’re still armed, imagine what they try to do to us when they’ve rendered us helpless.

Check magazines.


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