Short Of A Leak, We Aren’t Going To see The Unredacted “Manifesto”

Naive persons might see this as a move twoward releasing the Nashville school killer’s “manifesto” and journals. But the devil is in the details.

Nashville Covenant School shooter’s unredacted manifesto given to judge ahead of public hearing: report
A judge in Nashville has received the unredacted manifesto of Covenant School shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale following several lawsuits demanding its release to the public, according to a local report.

Attorneys representing the city delivered the unredacted writings and a second version with proposed redactions to the Davidson County Chancellor’s chambers for review on Friday, FOX17 Nashville reported.

Iffy, but not unprecedented. But this part…

A county judge and city attorneys will hold a status conference on Thursday ahead of a June public hearing in which members of the public can express concerns over the release of the writings, the station reported.

What kind of status conference is held without the plaintiffs’ attorneys?

The kind where the city and judge are getting their ducks lined up to deny unredacted release.

My own working hypothesis is that the manifesto and journals will reveal that the bitch was egged on — encouraged, maybe helped with planning — by someone that can be tied to the FBI.


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