Hey, DeSantis: Start Sending Demand Letters To Companies That Complied With KALIFORNICATED Standards

This would be Newsom just prepping for his own potential presidential campaign. But the hypocrisy is amazing even for California.

California Gov. Newsom Demands Textbook Publishers’ Records to Determine If They Conformed to Florida Gov. DeSantis’ Education Laws
Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom is demanding records from textbook publishers to determine if they have changed any content used in California’s schools to comply with Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ education laws.
“California will not be complicit in Florida’s attempt to whitewash history through laws and backroom deals; parents have a right to know what’s happening in the dark to undermine our children’s education — and California deserves to know whether any of these companies designing textbooks for our state’s classrooms are the same ones kowtowing to Florida’s extremist agenda,” Newsom’s letter stated.

As my post title should have suggested, this is rich coming from the Incompetent-In-Chief of the state that routinely uses its clout to affect other states. Ever bought… well, anything pretty with that dumbass “This product contains such-n-such known to the state of california to be a carcinogen…”? Or a car whose emissions meet Kalifucked state standards?

That because companies want to sell in that big Kal market, but don’t want to spend megabucks setting up two separate production lines; one for the Fruit’n Nuts State, and one for the rest of the country. Kal — and Newson — understand that, and use it deliberately to impose their whacked out standards on the rest of the country.

But more interesting that Newsom bitching that someone might have done to Kal what they’ve been doing to us for years, is the fact that he has to ask.

Newsom, you don’t know what standards those textbooks you bought meet? You didn’t check to make sure they met Kal standards before shelling out big bucks?

Sounds like someone seriously failed to do his fucking job.

Or… He did check, but doesn’t want to admit that books potentially meeting Florida standards still meet Kal Standards.


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One thought on “Hey, DeSantis: Start Sending Demand Letters To Companies That Complied With KALIFORNICATED Standards”

  1. I so very badly want manufacturers and transport companies to band together and collectively tell Cali to shove it. Don’t send trucks, don’t fly planes, don’t write activist text books, and savagely pub stomp anyone who knuckles under to make a buck. It will hurt their pocket books sure but it would cripple that costal leviathan’s ability to interfere with instate commerce and send a powerful message.

    Tired of Cali costing the rest of us money while saying they subsidize the entire nation and all of us uneducated savages while stealing water.

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