Taking “False Flag” Op A Little Too Literally?

Overnight, someone allegedly ran into the barricades at Lafayette Park near the White House, with a U-Haul truck. We’re to believe, based on the charges that…

… a nineteen year-old Indian-American kid, specializing (and we’ll see how long that profile is live) in computer science in Chesterfield, MO, decided to pack up his Nazi flag, drive to DC and attempt to kidnap/harm the President (who isn’t there), the VP (who isn’t there), or a family member…

…by ramming the park barricades instead of the WH barricades.

Of course, we know he must be an evil Nazi because…

…the cops conveniently and carefully spread the forensic evidence out on the sidewalk for all to see, after pulling it out of the truck.

Gotta get that selfie, after all.

Pardon me if I resist the official narrative pending something a little more credible.


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3 thoughts on “Taking “False Flag” Op A Little Too Literally?”

  1. They aren’t even TRYING to make things look legitimate anymore.
    The lies have become so blatant and obvious any moron can see them as lies… except the average American idiot who still believes we live in an honest country with honest laws and an honest voting system.

  2. The morons that came up with this false flag are low lives enough.

    But what about those up the structure that approved this charade?

    And what about the awfully low opinion those poisonous maggots have of us?

    Because corruptocrat poisonous maggots having the medieval Dark Ages like feudal power they have PLUS such a low opinion of “the people” they intend to enslave makes for a very dangerous situation.

    I would pose that there are currently a number of propositions for false flags and black swans and all kinds of PSYOPS including the next scamdemic being modeled and gamed and table top tested and planned, each more dangerous than the next, each more evil than the next and all with the same final objective: to destroy human civilization as we know it and replace it with a kind of 4th Reich with a very, very large dose of gleichschaltung force fed into the unwilling.

    And in this 4th Reich, any unwilling, anybody that doesn’t kneel and bow low and worship leftoxenomorphism will be considered as Jews and other untermenschen were considered during the previous 3rd Reich and treated accordingly.

    Wanna call me a pessimist? Go ahead.

    1. A lot of these feddie stings and false flag are so poorly staged that it would be easy to believe they’re set up by low-level folks without adult supervision. This one for instance:

      When the Dim Left are pushing to open the border completely, and trying to counter the objections to criminals and terrorists slipping across, maybe a grownup in the room would suggest not using an immigrant for this “terrorist” attack.

      Calling an Indian a white supremacist seems less than bright, too. But then, there is the current attempt to declare “anyone can be a white supremacist.”

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