Transportation Secretary Buttplug Admits Feds Knew East Palestine Was Screwed All Along

You may recall that immediately after the derailment in East Palestine, and the insane decision to burn off the vinyl chloride in open air, the feds insisted, everything’s fine, nothing to see, no probs.

Buttigieg: I Would Have Gone to East Palestine Sooner if I Knew ‘the Amount of Misinformation’
Buttigieg stated, “I do think that we missed an opportunity to communicate more clearly, with all of the misinformation that came to the people of East Palestine. And that’s one of the reasons why I broke with the norm. Normally, a Transportation Secretary does not go to an active HAZMAT site or an active crash site.

An active HAZMAT site. He wouldn’t go there because he knew it was contaminated, even as the feds initially spent weeks denying that publicly.

Tough shit for the folks stuck living there while the EPA played games. At least elitist Buttplug’s health wasn’t at risk.

Tell me again where, and who, that “misinformation was coming from.


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