Shoot, *I* Have An FBI File

I never did a FOIA to confirm that, but given that I’ve been questioned by the feds, ran the old Doing Freedom! webzine, helped organize and attended an event that was infiltrated by the feds, and other disapproved activities, I can’t see how I wouldn’t have one. Certainly the DOJ showed up regularly  in my web site visitor stats.*

The FBI likely has a case file on Oliver Anthony already, whistleblower says
What’s a bit more shocking is the possibility that Anthony’s heartfelt song and outspoken views may have resulted in unwanted attention from a different source: the FBI.

Edward Snowden, the famous whistleblower who blew the lid on the National Security Agency’s unlawful surveillance program, recently hinted that there’s a good chance the FBI has already opened a file on Anthony.

“After hitting topping the iTunes list and tweeting like this, the FBI will be making space for him another kind of list, too,” Snowden tweeted. “Think I’m kidding? The FBI had a file on John Denver for attending *one* anti-war protest.”

I rather expect that the ATF has a file on me, too. If not for my other writings, then almost certainly after I wrote a white paper for a congressman on the ATF determination “procedures.”

ATF rulings resemble the reasoning of a bi-polar schizophrenic, constantly changing and conflicting.
The ATF does not merely lack adult supervision, they are the the adult… If mommie were a deranged nutjob bound and determined to drive her kids insane with frustration as well, with constantly changing rules and standards, surprise edicts, and bizarre reversals.

Yeah, that was in a formal paper written at the request of the congressman’s office. Being formal, I had to tone it down a bit.

* I used to get a lot of NASA visitors for a couple of years. Those tapered off, and an anonymous birdie told me they blocked my site, at least at his/her location. Does NASA keep files on citizens?

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