I Think I’ve Been To That McDonalds

As seen at the Babylon Bee.

I was stationed at San Bernardino in the early ’80s. Judging from this, the McDonalds I went to is still there. and still just as incompetent.

That restaurant is why I stopped going to McDonalds for maybe twenty years. The final straw was the drive-thu one.

No one else in line. Should be quick, because I was ordering a standard menu meal.

Nope. Took my money and said it would take a while, please pull forward and we’ll being it to you.

They never did. I turned off my engine (and by then more cars were lined up), and went inside.

“Hi! Can I take your order?”

No, you can give me my order. I explained the situation.

“Oh. I forgot. What did you order again?”

Why not just check your order printout?

“Oh.” Fiddles around. “We’ll have to cook that. Please wait, and we’ll bring it out.”

No, I’m waiting right here… so you don’t ‘forget’ again.


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  1. And the iq of 3 workers want 20$ a Hr😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    They arent worth 3.35$ a hr

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