Gotta Love The Gateway Pundit

You may recall that a Dim running for the Virginia House of Delegates got outed as running a porn channel with her hubby. The election was yesterday, and the results are in, as are the reports of her loss.

Daily Mail: Porn Dem’ Susanna Gibson LOSES in Virginia

Fairly staid; but I’ll give ’em a bonus point for — ahem — slipping this in: “Gibson’s race was one of the most watched…

Ah! But The Gateway Pundit…

Democrat Porn Star Susanna Gibson Goes Down

I figure the Hofts live for the chance to do headlines like that.

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One thought on “Gotta Love The Gateway Pundit”

  1. Its good that the porn queen got kicked to the curb, but dont forget a cross dressing, transvestite, sexually perverted freak got elected to the state senate.

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