World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

I see the feds are going to dump $3 BILLION into another high-speed rail project. It’s the Brightline West.

Supposedly it’s going to link Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Reality appears to be San Bernadino to Spring Valley.

My first thought on seeing this was they must not have looked at a topo map. Unless it’s weathered away since I was there in the early ’80s (yes, another place I’ve lived), there’s a mountain range between them. If they expect to make this trip at 186+ MPH, they might want to bore a level tunnel through ’em.

But no… “This 218-mile passenger rail service will operate from Las Vegas to Rancho Cucamonga, California, with 96% of its alignment within the median of the I-15 highway.”

I’ve made that trip a few times. Up, over, and down the mountains. That’s gonna be a blast at 200 MPH. They’d be pulling heavy Gs going uphill, and floating in freefall on the way back down. They’d better check with airlines for a barf bag supplier.

But the real punchline is the time line. They expect to break ground in early 2024…

And have it ready to go for the 2028 LA Olympics.

-ggigle- -snort- Suuure. Kalifornicated is trying to build another high speed rail line that’s already years overdue and billions over budget.

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  1. In addition to Cajon pass from San Bernardino to Victorville there are several very steep grades that I 15 has to climb/descend. It’s NOT a flat route in any way. This is almost certainly just another scheme to transfer tax dollars into the pockets of corrupt, connected parasites. Billions will disappear and no one mile of rail will be laid.

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