Southeast Georgia Health Systems Strikes Again

Our local “hospital” (and I’m being generous in even using that word with parentheses) just demonstrated their skill and professionalism again. This is the “hospital” where the ER lost a patient; literally, they couldn’t find him. I happened to be there because… suffice to say that my father died.

A SGHS nurse tried to draw blood from a patient, and stuck the poor woman twenty times. If I recall that one correctly, another nurse had to step in before the klutz did it again.

SGHS Brunswick let a woman die from a rattlesnake bite. The doctor decided the woman would be allergic to the antivenom, so they skipped it. Then they tried blaming the state for issuing instructions to skip antivenom in cases of allergic reaction. Except that’s exactly opposite of what the state says.

I could go on; I know some nurses in the area, so I hear lots of stories. But here’s a new one.

A woman took a bad fall onto pavement. The ambulance took her to SGHS, where she was X-rayed. SGHS told her she was fine. But the next day she was still in a lot pain. Her daughter took to a different hospital in Jacksonville, where she was examined and X-rayed again.

Broken hand, broken wrist, multiple broken ribs. All of which Southeast Georgia Health missed, completely. And bear in mind that it’s usually easier to read X-rays taken the same day as the incident, than it is to read X-rays from the next day.

My sister and I have an understanding: If either of us needs to go to the hospital, we’re to be taken down to Jacksonville, greatly improving our odds of survival. When my time came> a couple of years ago, my connected niece (she seems to know everyone in town) persuaded the ambulance crew to bypass SGHS and take me down to UF Health. My sister figures that saved my life. I tend to agree. It jacked up the ambulance bill, but still being alive was worth it.

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  1. In traumatic fractures radiographs taken the day of the trauma vs the next day are generally the same in terms of diagnostic accuracy. The reason the fractures were missed is either the injured body lar was not imaged, the images were not diagnostics…meaning the x ray tech did a crappy job, or the doctors looking at the images were incompetent. ER doctors can sometimes miss subtle fractures. Radiologists who read ALL images done at a Medicare participating hospital rarely miss clinically significant fractures. But yes…some hospitals tend to have a “culture of incompetence”.

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