[Updated] Believe It Or Not…

…this was even stupider than the video looks. It’s a police shooting. You really need to watch it, and remember that only the police should trusted with guns.

Better yet, this is even a “Florida Man” story.

After you’ve watched this exercise in imbecility, read the investigation report.
He was responding to…

…an acorn.

Supposedly Deputy (now ex-) Hernandez was a West Point graduate, and infantry and special officer for ten years.

Yet somehow never saw direct combat despite two tours in Afghanistan. I guessing he was a complete screw-up and they kept him behind the wire doing admin shit, rather than endangering his troops by going out on patrols with them.

Added: Despite Deputy Dipstick dumping a mag into his car, and the sergeant also firing…

The “suspect” was not hit with even a single round.

0:00.033 – Acorn comes into frame.

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2 thoughts on “[Updated] Believe It Or Not…”

    1. As a civil defense attorney I used to defend police officers who were sued for violating civils rights. This is an egregious case. Hernandez must have been really wired to mistake the acorn for a gunshot. Nothing touched him but he thought he was shot. His legs gave out; sounds like a panicked reaction. The material you have says nothing about a drug test, I would think they did one, but wow. After emptying a mag into the car, and the Sgt shooting too, it is amazing the guy handcuffed in the back seat was not hit. I have never seen a case where the cops fired at someone but did not hit him. Still pretty scarey to be stuck in a car with bullets flying all around.

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