[UPDATE]Cell Phone Help: Suggestions Wanted

Anyone have a recommendation for a reasonably priced pre-paid phone company that isn’t Tracfone or Straight Talk (owned by Tracfone)?

I’m having problems again with Tracfone. And once again, it started with them screwing up transferring an old phone number to a new phone. This time they managed to brick the new phone.

UPDATE: Last time I had Tracfone trouble, after a month and a half them screwing me around, Tracfone suddenly was able to quickly fix their problem once I filed Public Service Commission and Federal Trade Commission complaints. I’m not waiting that long this time.

I just filed PSC, FTC, and Georgia Attorney General complaints, and gave Tracfone the report numbers.

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4 thoughts on “[UPDATE]Cell Phone Help: Suggestions Wanted”

  1. My son hooked me up with Visible before Verizon bought them out. However I’m still paying $25 a month for unlimited everything. I THINK they have since increased that to $35 but I’m not totally sure about that. Bring your own phone. No contract. Month to month.
    I’m satisfied with them. No issues. I text more than I call. The unlimited hot spot has come in handy a couple times when the Internet went down for over a day.
    Email if you have any questions.

  2. I too used visible… until I had an issue and needed help. Couldn’t get any. Ended up just getting a new number.
    Pay for Verizon now. I hate it every month, but… shit works, and if not, I go to the store next town over and hand it over and they fix it. That’s what I’m paying for.

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