Royals. I’m not into that stuff. We gave it up centuries ago. For a good reason (extending well beyond taxation).

That’s one reason I try to ignore all the Harry and Meghan junk. It doesn’t interest me. But I’m now forced to deal with it. Headlines keep showing up — entirely unwanted — in my news feeds.

OK. Just from the headlines, because I’m not reading the reports, I’ve unfairly drawn a conclusion:

Meghan Whatserface is an ignorant, entitled brat who failed to ask questions about what she was getting in to, marrying into a royal family. Things like duties. Instead, she made some unwarranted assumptions based on her extensive knowledge of Disney princesses.

Now grow up, and get out of my feeds. I have work to do.

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2 thoughts on “-sigh-”

  1. Actually her own father says she’s a gold digger. Her ex husband says she us as well.

    My take is she knew what it entailed but is pissed because she got slapped down for trying to use the royal title as a way to restart her failed career.

    She ran back to US so she could play the victim and was surprised that the queen made her live within her means.

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