Biden’s ABC Interview

I didn’t watch it. I have read some transcripts and watched some clips. Short takeaways:

  • Biden created NATO. Neat trick for… what, a six year-old?
  • Biden expanded NATO when no one thought it could be done. Huh?
  • Biden stopped Putin. Apparently no informed Putin.
  • Biden won’t take a cognitive test.
  • Biden already had a independent medical exam. So release the report.
  • Biden is massively ahead in all the polls.
  • Biden will only drop out of the race if God comes down to Earth and tells him to drop out. As I recall Christian prophecy, elections will be the least of our probs when God returns to Earth.
  • Biden did poorly in the debate because Trump was yelling at him when Trump’s microphone was off.
  • Oh, and because he was tired from all the travel, and the week at Camp David wasn’t enough because he was sick (but not too sick to go to a diner afterwards, or campaign the next day).
  • Nobody can draw crowds like Joe Biden. By which I think he means small crowds that can’t even fill a school gym.

CNN’s Van Jones says Biden was detached from reality. Which anyone at CNN should be an expert on.

All this, of course, is exactly why I do not want Biden to withdraw.

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