Do these idiots even know what they are objecting to?

Democrats, Bye-Biden, Coca Cola, Major League Baseball, Delta Airlines, Stacey Abrams… the list goes on … think Georgia’s new elections laws are horrible. Have they even read it?

Here’s what they are opposing:

  • Expanded early voting, including weekends
  • Elimination of subjective signature verification by untrained clerks
  • Legalized absentee ballot drop boxes
  • Fairly distributing those drop boxes
  • No-excuse absentee voting
  • Deadlines that help ensure mail-in ballots arrive in time to be counted
  • Limiting the power of the Secretary of State to meddle in county elections

Sure, there are troubling aspects; like requiring absentee voters to be smart enough to figure out that their driver license number is the one labeled “DL No.” Even the ID requirement is tough to meet…

since one of the many acceptable forms of ID is the free voter ID. Or a utility bill.

Yes; I am being sarcastic. If anyone in Section 8 housing, drawing EBT, or on Medicaid/Medicare claims they can’t meet the voter ID requirement, they are lying.

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