Apparently “Cities Will Be on Fire”

I’ve been following the Chauvin-Floyd case. Up to now, based on…

  • The toxicology report showing fentanyl levels several times higher than lethal
  • Medical examiner report saying Floyd died of heart failure
  • ME finding lungs enlarged and full of fluid consistent with an opioid overdose
  • Cell phone cam video showing the officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck

I held the position that Floyd was dying of an overdose already, and Chauvin kneeling on his neck, restricting blood flow, mere contributed to the inevitable death. I thought a manslaughter conviction might be more appropriate. But.

I like to keep reviewing evidence as it comes in, and today we got a doozy.

Derek Chauvin’s Defense Plays Video of Him Kneeling On George Floyd’s Shoulder—Not His Neck
Derek Chauvin’s lead defense attorney Eric Nelson played a video for the court on Monday that appears to show his client was kneeling on George Floyd’s shoulder — not his neck.

Black Lives Matter, and the mainstream media journalists that support them, have long claimed that the officer was kneeling on the 46-year-old drug addict’s neck.

Nelson asked Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo if he was familiar with the concept of “camera perspective bias” before playing two different angles of footage from the scene.

The only video I’d ever seen before this was the incriminating Darnella Frazier video. I wasn’t even aware of the existence of that bodycam video. Quite clearly Chauvin is not on Floyd’s neck. Therefore, he was not restricting blood flow through the neck.

My current thinking is “not guilty.” But the trial goes on, and maybe the prosecution will have some persuasive surprise of their own. Even if the best they could do to date, is beg the jury to ignore the ME’s report.

The facts for now argue for acquittal. Maybe that’ll even happen;one thing I didn’t follow was jury selection, so I don’t know what they have to work with. If they acquit…

“Cities Will Be on Fire”.

Check your guns, ammo, and fire extinguishers.

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