Q… I mean mainstream media “leaks” again


Congressman Matt Gaetz, a close ally of former President Trump, asked the White House for a blanket preemptive pardon before Mr. Trump left office, two sources familiar with the situation confirm to CBS News.


Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz sought blanket pre-emptive pardons for himself and others in Congress during the final days of former President Donald Trump’s term, according to reports from the New York Times and Fox News.


In the final weeks of Mr. Trump’s term, Mr. Gaetz sought something in return. He privately asked the White House for blanket pre-emptive pardons for himself and unidentified congressional allies for any crimes they may have committed, according to two people told of the discussions.


Rep. Matt Gaetz sought a preemptive pardon for himself near the end of President Donald Trump’s term and made his request known to someone outside the White House Counsel’s office, according to two people familiar with the matter,

So of course Trump says it never happened, as does Gaetz.

Consider: lamestream “news” runs a anonymous claim from unnamed, unverifiable “sources” alleging WH insider knowledge. Turns out to have never happened… according to named sources speaking publicly on the record. Doesn’t that remind you of the original “Q,” who claimed to be some anonymous dot.gov official with insider knowledge, whose predictions of unlikely forthcoming events never came true?

There’s a reason I ridicule MSM even more than they ridicule QAnon. For all I know, their insider sources are 8kun’s Ron Watkins again. With even less credibility.

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