While I’m talking about ChinCOVID reporting accuracy…

I ran down why the ChinCOVID media reports are BS regarding the surge in cases, but I want to address another aspect.

ChinCOVID deaths; just how many?

Per Johns Hopkins, and Worldometer, as of this writing, there have been 229,292; with Georgia specifically accounting for 7,766. I’m using Worldometer as the example because while they use the same data as JH, they display it better.

For once, the state of Georgia agrees with their total. It’s when they happened that Georgia and Worldometer differ on. Worldometer (and JH) report when deaths were reported to the state Department of Public Health as the date of death; that is false. And it causes the graph to show a slower decline (and even increases in daily deaths even though in Georgia daily deaths have been steadily dropping since early August; that’s two and a half months of decline.

Oddly enough, the CDC says there were only 209,568 US deaths actually coded as ChinCOVID. Except when they claim (carefully not mentioning actual ICD-10 codes) 222,447. But then the CDC claims 207,882. (And I’ve got another post coming about that.)

But the 7,766 Georgia deaths? The CDC puts that number at 6,631 with an ICD-10 code of U07.1* for ChinCOVID.

Go through your own state numbers, especially if you’re in one of the Midwest states where the doom-mongers claim there is a major surge. If your state is only reporting “Date of Report,” hit them with a demand for a list/graph/spreadsheet showing date of death. Find out what the reality is (or as close as you can get).

* It’s worth noting that a death can be coded U07.1 even if the person tested negative for ChinCOVID. Welcome to the world of bullshit reporting to drive fear.

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