“That’s got to be a bit embarrassing.”

Thus sayeth a local nurse, referring to Southeast Georgia Health System.

It seems a Brunswick High School student got stabbed. Original reporting said he was airlifted to Jacksonville, Florida; but that’s been corrected to say he was transported to Savannah, Georgia. Either way, I thought that was wise.

You see, some might think it odd that the stabbee was airlifted to another city, because Brunswick is home to the main campus of the Southeast Georgia Health System. Yes, a big hospital. But…

A woman was bitten by a rattlesnake and taken to the the Brunswick SGHS hospital. Rather than give her antivenom, they decided she was allergic and let her die. They claimed that they were following guidance from Georgia Poison Control. Except their guidance is actually the snake venom will kill her, the antivenom might. Administer antivenom and deal with any allergic reaction once she isn’t going to die.

The SGHS Camden hospital lost an ER patient. I don’t mean he died; I mean they misplaced him. This was especially fun since he was a jail inmate on whom a special eye should have been kept. (I think he was crawling around in the ceiling, but no one was interested in that theory despite the bumps and thumps up there.)

The reason I was at the ER that day could be another story, but suffice to say that my father died. After being transported to the Brunswick hospital.

So, yes, SGHS has this little reputation around here. That’s why they airlifted him out of the city; and why SGHS should be a little embarrassed.

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