The “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Suddenly Wisconsin found 200,000 Biden votes, abruptly putting him ahead of Trump

Oh, look. Michigan mysteriously found some more mail-ins, and they were 100% for Biden.

Hmm… for some reason, 50,000 more people voted for prez than for senators, pushing Biden ahead.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, Fulton County (Dem enclave) had a weird water pipe break. They assure us that the mail-ins in that room were unaffected, but they’ll have to wait until Friday to give us the vote count. Conveniently, That gives them time for everyone else to report results, so they’ll know how many more Biden ballots to fill out to win.

Fuck this. I’m with my sister who just said she’s never voting for president again. What’s the fucking point of voting if the commies are just going to find more mystery ballots that tip the election their way?

No. My vote doesn’t count.

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