Well, I called this election

No, not the winner. I called the loser: America.
I predicted the most corrupt, fraudulent election in American history, and that’s exactly what we got. But even knowing it was happening, election fraud on such a blatant, in your face, “Yeah, we did it; whaddya gonna do about it?” thumb-nosing-America scale is mind-boggling.

Yes, they’ll get away with it. Who is anyone going top complain to, to get it fixed? The courts?

The courts that green-lighted this in the first place? The courts that pre-approved

  • late ballots
  • late ballots with no postmark
  • ballots with signatures that don’t match the record
  • ballots with no signature
  • ballots with no date
  • provisional ballots from people voting in the wrong county
  • ballots from people who can’t spell the registered voter’s name
  • changing voting rules to violate state election laws as voting is already started

I could list more, but you get the idea. The system was rigged to allow the Democrat cities to watch actual voting to see how many “late” ballots they needed to “find.”

America is fucked.

No, I did not vote for Trump. I’m not angry because Trump “lost.” I’m angry that a senile socialist has demonstrated that they can do whatever they.

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