US Government Admits ChinCOVID Pseudo-Vaccines Are Killing People

This quote, from HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, is so horrific that I had to watch the video to see if it was… selectively quoted, or taken out of context.*

“By the way, we know that vaccines are killing people of color — blacks, Latinos, indigenous people — at about two times the rate of white Americans,” Becerra explained during a digital “White House Convening on Equity” seminar on April 14.

But the government needs to “work” harder to vaccinate Americans who have refrained from getting inoculated, he argued.

That’s an accurate quote.

We know it’s killing people, so we we need to get more people jabbed.

We know it’s even more likely to kill people of color, so we need to get them jabbed especially.

Anyone remember the ’76 swine flu vax? They stopped that before anyone died, on the basis of a high incidence of Guillain-Barré syndrome. (There were 3 deaths in October, but they were later determined not to be vax-caused.)

Welcome to the 21st century: We know it may kill you, but get jabbed against a disease that probably won’t.

Time for trials: mass murder and crimes against humanity.

* That’s why I like The Gateway Pundit. They have a definite bias, but they are good about providing sources so you can more easily fact-check them.