Transgenderism As Eugenics?

Let’s see how many outraged loons I can attract today.

Recently, Peter Grant had a couple of posts regarding “transgender” people and medical care. He noted in that first post:

Even worse, he/she/it is openly asking whether a DNA analysis service is willing to falsify its results for the sake of political correctness. Why would anyone in their right minds want falsified results that might lead to inappropriate medical treatment for a serious illness? Some are sex-dependent. You can’t get (or be treated for) prostate cancer if you don’t have a prostate, or cervical cancer if you don’t have a cervix. What happens when a test on someone who not only identifies as female, but presents a genetic report appearing to confirm that it’s female, produces results suggestive of prostate cancer? One has visions of medical technicians’ minds exploding!

This is something that’s been on my mind. Especially since reading another blog post from another person a few years back. I can no longer find that post; it’s possible it was removed due to tranny shitstorms. So I’ll not attribute it and cause problems for the person. Let the fecal hurricane make landfall on me. The gist of the post was…

This person has known many medical professionals. Based on observations and conversations, this person wondered if the “gender reassignment” surgery specialists were practicing something more along the lines of eugenics than medicine. That is, This obviously disturbed person thinks he is a she. This person should not pass on his genes just in case this mental illness has a genetic basis. I’m going to convince him to undergo estrogen treatment and surgery before he can breed.*

Since that person’s post, I’ve noticed an ever-increasing push to start prepubescent kids on puberty blockers and reassignment. It’s almost as if… Make sure they can’t breed. Catch the defectives before puberty even kicks in making it possible for them to breed.

Now combine that sort of thinking with Peter’s observation that incorrect gender-based medical treatment can cause harm or even lead to death. And that the doctors doing that absolutely must know it. Is this a passive aggressive attempt to get the flawed out of the gene pool even more permanently? Do these folks, deliberately giving “trans” the wrong medical care, think that the good they’re doing for society outweighs the harm done to the mentally ill individual?

If so, are they correct? Personally, I’m more inclined to respect individual rights than those of a nebulous “society.” But I also think individuals are responsible for their own choices. On the trannies own heads be it. But I’m interested in other people’s thoughts on this.

* I’m sorta semi-acquainted with a guy who decided to “transition” to female. He started massive doses of estrogen. And was apparently kinda shocked, kinda disappointed to discover that now he longer had any interest in sex with guys, much less women. Seemingly, no therapist advised him of such a possibility at all. Chemical castration. Considering the freaking checklists of potential problems — informed consent documents — the doctors read to me just for hip replacement, it seems “odd” that no one mentioned the possible impact on sex drive to this confused guy.