“Pfizer data shows significant lymphocyte depletion in the first week after vaccination.”

That would have been nice to know.

If you aren’t up on basic biology, lymphocytes are “a type of white blood cell in the immune system of jawed vertebrates. Lymphocytes include natural killer cells (which function in cell-mediated, cytotoxic innate immunity), T cells (for cell-mediated, cytotoxic adaptive immunity), and B cells (for humoral, antibody-driven adaptive immunity). They are the main type of cell found in lymph, which prompted the name “lymphocyte”.

In short, the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” (which isn’t actually a vaccine, but causes your body to produce one), depletes the very cells that attack viruses. Like, you know… SARS-CoV-2. No wonder so many people are catching ChinCOVID and dying after getting “vaccinated”.

Lessee… We have the immediate allergic reactions — up to and including full-blown anaphylactic shock, depleted platelets leading to deaths, the possibility of later anaphylactic shock if your body over-produce the IgG spike protein, and now we learn that it wipes out the immune systems lymphocytes.

You’re getting jabbed why?

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[UPDATED 7!!] Expect to see a lot more of this: 5,052

Toldja so.

Alaska Health Worker Hospitalized After Experiencing ‘Serious Reaction’ to Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine
The worker had what the New York Times described as a “serious reaction” after receiving the vaccination and remained in the hospital as of Wednesday morning, according to the paper. The worker had “no history of drug allergies,” the Times reported, adding that it remains “unclear whether he or she suffered from other types of allergies, according to one person familiar with the case.”

No, it won’t happen to everyone getting the vaccine. Not even the majority. But it will happen a lot.

Added: Make that TWO people in Alaska, not one. (Oopsie. Three now. See below.)

Added, 12/18: Uh huh.

During our livestream of the vaccinations at CHI Memorial, Nurse Manager Tiffany Dover while speaking to the media about receiving the vaccine mentioned she started feeling dizzy. She fainted, but thankfully one of the doctors behind her caught her.
The doctors there at CHI Memorial said this is not related to the ingredients in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
According to the CDC, fainting can happen after many types of vaccinations and medical procedures. The CDC says although fainting has a variety of possible causes, it is usually triggered by pain or anxiety.

Yeah, right. When I was very, very young, I was terrified of shots. It took multiple people to hold me down for vaccinations. And yet, I never fainted.

Added, 12/19: More.

FDA Says 5 People in US Had Allergic Reactions after Pfizer Shot
Around five recipients of Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE’s COVID-19 vaccine in the United States have had allergic reactions this week, a top U.S. Food and Drug Administration official said on Friday during a press conference.

Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said that a chemical called polyetheylene glycol that is an ingredient in both the Pfizer vaccine and the Moderna Inc vaccine authorized on Friday “could be the culprit” causing the reactions.

I’m calling BS on polyethylene glycol being the culprit. That is a common food and drink additive, toothpaste ingredient, and is used in cosmetics and lubricants. If these people had an allergic reaction to polyethylene glycol in the vaccine, they should have had an allergic reaction to bushing their teeth that morning.

Added, 12/20: Alaska again.

Third allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine reported in Alaska
A third health care worker in Alaska has suffered an allergic reaction to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Severe allergic reactions can occur with any vaccine, but are extremely rare.

Apparently not so rare wuth this vaccine.

Added, 12/20, just a few minutes later…

Hospital in Chicago suburb is forced to halt COVID-19 vaccinations after four employees have adverse reaction to the shots
Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville stopped the vaccinations on Friday and will resume them on Sunday.

The unidentified employees experienced reactions that included tingling and elevated heart rate just moments after taking the vaccine, ABC 7 reports.

Just to clear, I am not even looking for adverse reaction reports. I am not seeking this stuff out. This just pops up in my regular news feeds.

Added, 12/20, 10:15AM: I swear, I am not searching these out. It just keeps happening… as I predicted.

Feds issue new guidelines, launch probe to address early allergic reactions to COVID vaccine
CDC guidelines say anyone who has suffered severe reaction should skip second dose. Chemical known as polyethylene glycol suspected.

You probably get more polyethylene glycol in a large Three Muskeers bar than in a diluted 0.3 ml vaccine.

Added, 12/21: Thanks to Sheila in a comment below: 5,052 people have had “Health Impact Events.”

The rate is 2.3% and increasing.


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[Updated 2] About that Pfizer mRNA ChinCOVID vaccine

(see update below)

…and why I won’t take it. Or the Moderna version.

Last month, I gave my reasoning, but it was in a private, members-only forum. But I think my comments should be preserved for public posterity.

I’m leery of being an early recipient of a newly developed viral protein coat vaccine, because sometime flaws occur when they scale up production from testing to inoculating a nation. But this…

Instead of injecting a known quantity of a known protein to stimulate an immune response, this tricks the body’s cells into mass producing the proteins. How much? Who knows. It’ll vary widely from individual to individual. Delayed –for days or weeks — anaphylactic shock is a possibility. And that’s if the vaccine is right.

If something bad happens with the nucleotides, that vaccine could potentially tell your body to produce an outright toxic protein. I suspect one of the things the manufacturers like is that this is probably “manufactured” through PCR. They are going to have to be damned careful to avoid any contaminant, any stray RNA, because if the slightest bit of a potentially lethally coding strand gets in there, PCR will happily amplify that, along with the vaccine.

To clarify further: Conventional vaccines like the seasonal flu vaccines use the protein coat of the virus, but without the interior RNA that makes a virus work. So a known amount of a foreign protein is injected, and the body’s immune system sees the protein, recognizes it as foreign, and produces antibodies against that protein. So when/if the actual virus shows up, your body already knows how to recognize it and produce the proper antibodies. And the immune system stores the memory of the antibody for future use, which is why, if you had the smallpox vaccination as a kid, you’re still good to go years later.

The Pfizer/Moderna vaccines don’t use the protein coat. They use messenger RNA. mRNA is the mechanism inside the cell that transfers information from the DNA — about what protein to build — to the ribosomes, which are the “protein factories.”

The mRNA vaccines are custom-built mRNA pre-programmed for viral coat proteins. It enters cells and “hijacks” the ribosomes to trick your body into producing foreign proteins that look like the viral coat. So instead of introducing a known quantity of a foreign protein into the body, the body will start manufacturing foreign proteins in mass quantity.

Allergic reactions are the body reacting to foreign proteins. Anaphylactic shock — potentially deadly if untreated — is the body over-reacting to foreign proteins, or to large quantities of such.

Moving from test trials to mass inoculation, I fear we’ll see a lot of variation in individuals regarding how much proteins are produced. I’m not going to be a bit surprised if we don’t see some people going into anaphylactic shock days — maybe even weeks — after being vaccinated.

Another potential issue is protein coding errors. It would be real shame if you got your shot late in the day when the vaccine — which has to be shipped in dry ice so as to not degrade — has warmed up, and it turned out the degradation caused the mRNA to start coding errors and producing a lethal protein.

YMMV, but I think mRNA vaccines needed a lot more testing before going to mass human use. It’s a neat idea in theory, but I’m not sure enough that it’s ready for primetime to take it.

Added, 12/9: Well, well.

People who suffer ‘significant’ allergic reactions told not to take new Covid-19 vaccine
UK regulators have issued a warning that people who have a history of “significant” allergic reactions should not currently receive the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

The warning comes after two NHS staff members who received the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine suffered an allergic reaction, the NHS in England has confirmed.

Added, 12/17: And now that vaccination just started in the US…

It begins.

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