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Dr. Fauci Warns Against Declaring Virus Victory ‘Prematurely’: ‘We Still Have a Ways to Go’

Not much of a ways.


Here in Georgia

In Georgia, we’re down to levels not seen since mid-March of last year, when ChinCOVID was barely ramping up. About the same nationwide. Ditto daily deaths.

And this from the fraud:

Fauci warned of virus variants — a talking point used by President Joe Biden to convince younger people to get vaccinated — explaining, “As long as there is some degree of activity throughout the world, there’s always a danger of variants emerging and diminishing somewhat the effectiveness of our vaccines.”

Variants, my ass. You and your panicmongering partners in plandemic crime are having to keep the “COVID-19” scare going by including “variants” with differing RNA and differing spike proteins, which in anything but this “pandemic” would simply be just another betacoronavirus, and not to be particulary feared (coronaviruses account for around 25% of common colds).

Fribble off, Fauxci.

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