Guns In Real Estate Listings?

Lib urininalists are funny. Virginia Heffernan has a plan. (Normally I’d include screencaps, but I’m having trouble uploading images today.)

Real-estate listings should include prevalence of gun-ownership in a 50-mile radius and number of annual mass shootings in the region.

Time to change what a “bad neighborhood” is.

Hun, New York is not America. How exactly does she propose to calculate that in the majority of the country, that doesn’t register firearms or the owners? Taking Georgia as an example… in fact, southeast Georgia.

Phone surveys? ‘Round here, if an anonymous stranger calls and asks how many guns you have, expect to be lied to.

Of course, as matter of local society, you could count the number of homes, multiply that by the number of people in each home, and get a low end approximation. Pro tip: if there’s a single family dwelling with a single resident, round that up two guns; front and back door guns are common.

Then there’s this.

…and introduce a meaningful tax on guns and gun violence.

No one should say “this is a great place to raise kids” about neighborhoods where even one person has an assault rifle.

I wonder what she’d consider “meaningful,” or if she’s even slightly aware that there’s already a federal tax on guns and ammunition. Several states add their own firearm-specific taxes, and then there’s the plain sales tax. Privacy isn’t the only reason I prefer private sales.

And taxing “gun violence”? How’s that work? Do we have revenuers patrolling bad neighborhoods and handing out tax bills to gangbangers? Or maybe gangs will have accounts where they make quarterly payments. How many people did your gang shoot JAN-MAR? Multiply line 7 by 10. Payment due is S X 10 = $NN.

Will mass shootings get a discount? Or a surcharge?

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