ChinCOVID Surge: Let’s Test A Hypothesis

Since we know ChinCOVID “case” counts include antigen positives, and COVID “vaccines” cause the body to produce antigens let’s try to see just where the recent “surge” in cases could have come from.

Hypothesis: The recent surge in cases was led by a surge in vaccinations by 10-28 days. Much of the case surge is actually increased vaccination.

Sadly, I can’t find the national data I’d need to test that, but Georgia is better than average at reporting useful ChinCOVID data.

Antigen cases peaked on 1/4/2021 (3,907), 4/12/2021 (669), and 7/22/2021 (prelim 885).

Daily vaccinations began 12/15/2020, peaked 3/1/2021 and 7/23/2021.

The first antigen case peak on 1/4/2021 came 20 days after vaccinations began.

The second antigen case peak on 4/12/2021 came 12 days after vaccinations began.

The third antigen case peak on 7/22/2021 is not associated with a prior vaccination peak.

There may or may not be a correlation.

However, PCR testing peaked on 7/23/2021 (probably in preparation for Georgia schools reopening in the very near future). Georgia does not report the number of daily antigen tests administered, but it seems likely that antigen testing was also peaking at that time. Therefore, the 7/22/2021 antigen case peak may be an artifact of peak testing.

The hypothesis may be further tested by noting the 7/23/2021 peak in vaccinations, and predicting another antigen case peak between 8/2 and 8/20/2021.

Added Note: I took another look at daily vaccinations and saw they continued to go up after 7/23, peaking on 7/30 (declining since). So let’s see if antigen cases peak between 8/9-8/27 (and on 8/6, that does look like it might be the trend). I wonder if people testing antigen positive are asked for their vaccination status, and if vaxxed, when.

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